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Jump Start: Third Grade

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I've been reviewing Knowledge Adventure games. This review is for Jump Start 3rd Grade. If you have the opportunity, check out my reviews of Jump Start First Grade and Second Grade.

Jump Start Third Grade takes your child further into the realm of adventure learning. Third Grade plays more like a RPG video game than the first two grades.

Third Grade challenges your child to complete missions to save the world. Like the first two grades, your child must complete puzzle games to learn.

This Knowledge Adventure game begins like the others in a classroom. Botley, a robot guide, assists you. The game takes place in Mystery Mountain where a scientist, Professor Spark, and his mischievous daughter, Polly, live. Polly has taken things a little too far and sent robots to the past to change the future to make the world revolve around her rather than the sun.

Your child will learn art, history, language arts, math, music, and science. Jump Start Third Grade Mystery Mountain is adaptable for two levels of play: Easy or hard.

For Jump Start Third Grade, you need at least Windows 95, 3.1, or 3.11 or Mac 68040 or PowerPC and auto play features. You must have at least 9 MB of free RAM on your Hard Drive. The game plays best with 256 color graphics.

I found myself getting involved in the Mystery Mountain game. This game is more like a show mingled with challenges to get you thinking. It's highly interactive and fun to play. Knowledge Adventure really did a great job on these games.