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Jumping On The Bio Oil Band Wagon!

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lexxia By lexxia on
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First I just have to say that had I not read about Bio-Oil right here on Shared Reviews, I'd never have found THE ultimate skin care product! I have a huge investment of products that sit gathering cob-webs because I have reacted in one way or another to almost all of them. But, I trust my friends here at SR and if they say a product works great - I don't hesitate to discover its greatness as well.

Bio Oil contains a unique ingredient which actually provides a protective layer to ensure that all the good ingredients Bio Oil contains are able to penetrate the skin - how'd they do that? Glad you asked! It seems that scientists studied of all things, ducks! The preening gland oil created by ducks is the premise behind the unique concept behind PurCellin Oil, the key ingredient to this lucious pink liquid - like the ducks (oh lucky ducks!) ability to seal their feathers thanks to those little glands, the ability of PurCellin to protect the skin and allow the other ingredients, being Vitamin A, E, Calendula Oil, Lavendar Oil, Rosemary Oil and Camomile Oil to be absorbed by the skin as they should - leaves your skin feeling as though there is just the slightest hint of a protection on it...it is left so smooth and soft, it's amazing. Bio-Oil - even if you don't have stretch marks, age lines or a complexion that needs to be even toned? Pretend! Bio-Oil is just too heavenly a product not to have a little piece of and it smells pretty darned pleasant too. Makeup just glides on after using Bio-oil and I found I needed much less in the way of foundation or blush or any of those things :) and my skin has indeed evened out in tone.

I should also mention that I had thyroid surgery back in the early 80's and although the Doctor was exceptional I do have a scar - I've been using Bio-Oil on it morning and night and just before finishing this review I had to check :) The edges of the scar have already begun to fade - slightly - but keep in mind this is only day 5 for me, but I've lived with this scar long enough that I know it intimately and although I'm not concerned whether it fades completely or not - I have to say that it has made a slight difference but it's my face that is always front and center and that's where I'm concentrating my vision on and from what I see - I love it!!

This product is not animal tested, is all natural and in my opinion it is a totally win-win product all the way around.

Update On Feb 27, 2010: This product not only works great it also lasts a long time! I purchased this in 2008 and here it is Feb. 2010 and I still have a little less than 1/4 of the bottle left. I use this almost every day and I still LOVE it. I want to purchase another bottle before the price goes up because it appears that this has become quite popular. Walmart near my home has a huge display of it and has had this for about a year now. The price has remained at $11.97 which is a savings from when I first purchased it. At one point it had sold for $13.97 at Walmart but they reduced the price to $11.97 just a few months ago. Time to buy another bottle!