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Jungle Growth Potting Soil With Organic Fertilizers

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Last Spring we decided we wanted to grow a little container garden on our bottom deck. To save some money on the containers, I had the painters who painted our house save me some of the 5 gallon paint buckets they used. I have always been a big fan of Miracle Grow products and I had a few left over bags from other projects which I was planning to use on the garden to also save some money but when I read the back or the bag, it stated it was not for use in containers. So I took a trip to Lowe's to find a product that was.

There I discovered Jungle Growth flower and vegetable professional mix. It is a potting soil that is a perfect mix of soil, nutrients and fertilizers to help plants thrive. It is specially designed to feed your plants for 4 full months which for what I was growing was pretty much their entire life span so no additional fertilizing was necessary. The mix contains 55-65% composted aged pine bark, Canadian long fiber sphagnum moss for moisture, vermiculite to store and release water, perlite for aeration, charcoal ash to sweeten the soil, time release fertilizer and trace elements for healthy roots and foliage.

I planted tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and cucumbers seedlings in the mixture and they took root and started to grow almost immediately. I did not loose a single plant and the picture I have added to this review was taken after only 3 weeks of planting seedlings that were only about 2 inches tall. We had a nice crop of veggies all through the growing season and my plants stayed healthy and happy. I had a few friends come by soon after I planted them and they wanted to know why my plants were already twice as large as the ones they planted in their gardens at the same time.

I was extremely please with the results that I got from the Jungle Growth mixture and will defiantly be buying it again this year.

Update On Apr 09, 2010: I did not realize this when I wrote the review but apparently Jungle Growth is a Lowe's exclusive so if you want to try it for yourself, you need to get it there. The current advertised price on it is $4.47 for a 1 cu. ft. bag.