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Just Bitten By Revlon

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I've been searching for a lip stain versus a lipstick for several months now. I really didn't want anything too heavy, so I opted for the stain. In my extensive search for the *right* one, I finally settled on a product sold at Sephora. Just saying that I made the purchase at this store says, "I spent more money than I should have." (No offense to Sephora, as it has many fantastic cosmetics, but they tend to be a bit higher priced.) The lip stain I bought did a fine job and I was pretty happy with it until yesterday. Why yesterday? Because I found out that Revlon makes a lip stain by the name of "Just Bitten" and it's THE best by far!

I applied the Revlon Just Bitten this morning around 7:30 AM during my morning makeup ritual. It goes on with a roller-ball that makes spreading the stain on the lips pretty easy. However, I'm not so sure it gets as precise as a wand-type applicator. After I let it set, my lips felt slightly dry which is typical with lip stains. I drank from a coffee cup to see if it would leave "lip marks" on the edge of the cup. Nothing! I applied a lip gloss over the top of the stain, and did the coffee cup test again. Nothing!! So far so good!

I went to work and ate my way through a potluck, more coffee, glasses of water, lots of gabbing, and I STILL had color on my lips! After I got home I had pizza for dinner...PIZZA!...and I still had the color on my lips! I'm telling you this product is awesome! It's been over 12 hours and I haven't reapplied the stain since this morning!

The price is less than half of what I paid for my other lip stain. The downside is that it only comes in 3 colors that I know of, and since it lasts so long on the lips you better be sure you get the color that's suited for you. This could be difficult with the limited choice of colors. But if you hit the jackpot like I did (with the right color) you won't be disappointed!