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Just Cause Xbox 360

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By simon on
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Just Cause is one of my favourite games on the Xbox 360, it is something like 1, 000 square kilometres of landscape to explore and 100 vehicles, boats and planes. It's a really fun game where you are sent to an island to complete many missions, like assassinations and other tasks, which you can approach in any way you want. You can drive is, sky dive, parachute in, whatever you want as long as you complete the task at hand. The thing is, this game was really fun and exciting the first few times you play it because you could do things like ride off a cliff on a motorbike being followed by badies and simply pull your parachute out and fly of safely as they crash and burn bellow you, but after you play it a couple of times it isn't that exciting anymore. In a way it is a combination between a GTA and a stuntman game, whereby you have that free play where you can do what you want, but also you can do extreme stunts like sky dive, and drive off cliffs and parachute, as well as jump from car to car, and parachute off the back of cars.

Just Cause is a really fun game, that has tried to reinvent the traditional GTA game with new features. It can't compete with the traditional GTA and doesn't have the same sort of story line, but is good and fun for what it is.