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Just Short Of Perfect

Reviewing: Lg En V3 Vx 9200  |  Rating:
By heysabbers on
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When I set out to buy a new phone, I was determined to get a non-touch screen phone, simply because I couldn't imagine texting on such a responsive medium and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of accidentally pressing any buttons.

Although I was not a cell phone or technology expert, I did know what I want and what would work for me. When I went to the Verizon store, the options were more limited than I had expected, but I still walked away with a phone that I liked. Although I still had a few doubts about whether I chose the right phone, the LG enV3 VX-9200 still met most of my expectations and even surprised me a little. There were a few features that I really liked about my new phone:

1. The color. The maroon/magenta color of my phone is breathtaking. It's such a pretty and rich color. I love looking at it.

2. The favorites list. It's really convenient to keep track of the people who you call and text the most.

3. Organization. It's easy to find anything on this phone. I never spent too much time looking for a certain feature or application.

4. Texting. You can organize your texts by date or by sender. I chose to organize my texts by sender, and it's almost like an Instant Messenger window. It keeps everything together so you never forget what you're talking about and can easily find a text that you're looking for.

5. The QWERTY keyboard. It's simple and easy to use. I rarely end up pressing the wrong button and find myself using it more than the front of the phone.

However, I did run into a few difficulties and a few features fell short of my expectations.

The display screen on the inside of the phone is still too small. I would've preferred a bigger screen; especially when I'm surfing the net or watching a video.

The phone is a little bulky--almost too large to fit into my jeans' pocket. Surely there is a way they could keep the streamlined, sleek look of the new phone without making it bigger.

The speed of the phone. When I'm opening up an application, looking through videos, opening a text file with sound, or surfing the internet, the phone slows down to a painfully slow creep. Although I don't use these features too often, I often dread the moments where I have to, as I know that it will take forever. Furthermore, it is really aggravating that sometimes the webpages do not load completely. I end up having to wait ALL over again.

Sometimes I found myself wishing that I had bought the enV Touch, Blackberry for Verizon, or another more high-tech phone...

In short



Beautiful looking phone

Two amazing color options

Convenient, easy-to-use features

QWERTY keyboard


Slow at times


Small display screen

It's a toss-up here. What do you guys think?