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Just Take My Temp, Dont Break The Bank

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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If your needs for a thermometer are simple, save the big bucks for something that is more fun and get an accurate temperature reading for under $4.

The Mabis Healthcare “Tiny Temp” Digital Thermometer is perfect for basic fever detection. The unit is 4.5 inches long and about 3/4 inch wide at the readout display. Maximum thickness is 3/8 inch. The entire unit tapers to a blunt point at the sensing tip. Readout is in degrees Fahrenheit.

The entire unit is made of plastic (no glass to break) and there is no mercury in the unit. Gives oral or rectal readings in 60 seconds. The digital display is fairly easy to read, although it is not backlit, or extra-large. (I can read it fine with my reading glasses, but not well without them). There is an on-off switch in the top of the handle (the blue spot). If you forget to turn it off it will shut down on its own after 10 minutes. The battery is not replaceable, but is supposed to last for 600 usage hours. That seems like pretty much my lifetime of temperature-taking needs.

There is a flashing signal (Lo - which seems odd, since that sort of says low battery to me, but I guess it means that the thermometer is reading an air temperature below 98.6 and is ready to record a higher temperature) that indicates when the thermometer is ready to begin the reading, and another flashing signal for when it has a stable reading. Of course, if you are taking your own temperature you can’t read it while it’s in your mouth, you’ll just have to time it.

It comes with a hard plastic partial case that the thermometer slips into. It sort of stays put by friction, and would protect well if it stays on. I doubt that this case would stay on for traveling if it were just tossed loose into a bag. But it’s more than adequate to sit on a shelf in your bathroom or beside the bed.

The on-off switch requires you to press firmly on the end of the unit. For people who have difficulty with hand strength or finger mobility (Parkinson’s patients, people with arthritis, etc) this might be difficult to turn on.

I think that this would have even met the needs of our family. The kids were not often sick and they didn’t fuss about having temperatures taken. I know there are many fancy thermometer options out there, and I know there are situations that make them worth the money. But if you just want the basic 98.6 or not, this will do the trick!

Made in China. Guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.