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Justice League: Paradise Lost

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The DVD package contains two episodes. Paradise Lost and Warworld. Paradise lost is the story of wonder Woman's return the Themyscira. She finds her sisters have been turned into stone. The perpetrator is Felix Faust, a heretical archeologist. She agrees to find the keys to open the gateway to Tartarus in exchange for her mother's freedom. she then tells the history between her mother and Hades. They find the key components and Faust opens the gateway to Tartarus. A battle then enuses between the league and Hades.

In the second episode Warworld, Mongul rules a planet called Warworld and hold gladiator like combats to please his people. He does not provide them the basic necessities but has fights to prolong his reign. Superman and Martian Manhunter and captured and brought to Warworld. Manhunter escapes but Superman doesn't. He is forced to fight Draaga. He beats Draaga then Mongul challenges him. He blackmails Superman into losing the fight for him. WillSuperman throw the fight or will he beat Mongul?

The Verdict

-The episodes are well animated

-The story has continuity and actually mans something for future episodes

-There are funny scenes like Flash trying to hit on one of the Amazons and Green Lantern and Hawkgirl fighting.

-Superman looked too weak in Warworld he should have used all of his powers like heat vision and flight.

-Hades was a powerful villain while Mongul was a weakling.