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Justin Bieber Door Poster

Reviewing: Bravado Merchandising 2010 Door Poster  |  Rating:
By kendrar on
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Shopping Merchandising Poster Bieber Bravado

Bieber Fever is in the air with this 21x62 door poster. For his crazed fans, this is like having Justin Bieber inside your room, staring at you every day when you walk in. Not only because he is staring directly at you, but because this poster is probably the same height as the real thing. Okay, maybe a bit of an over exaggeration on my part, but it is pretty close.

The theme of this poster is really non existant, unless you count cute celebrity as a theme. Justin is wearing black jeans, an off-white t-shirt, a purple unbuttoned dress shirt, and a dog tag to pull the look together. With one hand in his pocket and the other arm over his head he poses in a way that makes fans swoon over him. Behind him is a plain silver background. Not much to look at but still eye grabbing. In bold white lettering his name runs across the bottom of the poster. Overall the theme of this poster is quite bland and average. The only thing that sticks out is Justin's famous hair.

This poster is very tame considering that Justin's fans go from six to twenty. His shirt is on to many fans dismay, and his pose is not sexual in any way. So the maturity level is high because the poster is not sexual or provocative making it suitable for any age group.

Despite that I am eighteen, I am still a pretty big Justin Bieber fan, so of course I had to get this poster. When I bought it at Zellers it was around $15.00 which is not too much for a poster, but then again it is just paper with a celebrity printed on it. You would think they could charge less than that. However I bought it anyways because it was the biggest poster I had seen of Justin. I assume this is why many fans decide to buy this one rather than the others despite how lacking it is in colour. The bigger the Bieber, the better.

Overall I rated this wall poster a 3.4. This being because it is very large but is lacking a lot of things that would have made it stand out against other posters such as colour. Also it isn't too expensive but still a little too much and it is suitable for all ages of his fan base because it is not sexual or provocative. Despite the fall backs, this is still a great poster to own if you are a Justin Bieber fan.