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Kaleidoscope Lites!

Reviewing: Targus Retractable Kaleidoscope Laptop Mouse  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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Impulse buys - the baine of my existence. I'd been hunting for some batteries for my wireless mouse and not being able to locate the ones I wanted I decided perhaps I needed to go back to a "leash". While out purchasing other goodies the other evening I came across the Targus Laptop mouse - the packaging boasted about a "kaleidoscope of color" with 7 different colors capable. I can do without the light feature but for $12.00, considering the last retractable mouse I purchased a few years ago had been quite good, I decided to give this a try.

Plugging it into the USB port on my laptop was the extent of the installation - there is no software, no drivers - nothing to install except the plugin. What I wasn't very impressed with was the fact that this mouse continuously bleeps out a round house of color changes - from white to light blue, then red, purple, pink, green and dark blue only to start over again and go through the sequence over and over.

There's no switch or button to turn this feature off unfortunately - I'd much prefer this particularly late at night when I'm still working on the computer and I'm this random bleeping little island in a sea of darkness. The other thing I would like to see with this mouse is a way to have the "leash" stop lodging in between the left mouse button when it's being used. I think I'm going to end up continuing the hunt for batteries for this reason alone as several times in one session the little tether slipped in between the space at the front of the mouse and kept me from being able to click and go.

All in all this mouse, which is optical (meaning it has no little ball) works smoothly, offers smooth quick scrolling, is a nice fit in the hand and the sleek white look is easy to deal with as well.

The lights? Well, if I can find a way to distinguish them I will - but for now I seem to be getting more use to them and they aren't quite as annoying any longer. For $12.00 though, I guess lights and a cord that gets stuck every so often aren't too difficult to deal with.

The quality seems to be quite good, it's sturdy feeling and doesn't weigh very much so it glides along smooth surfaces without a mouse pad - quite effortlessly. I'd recommend this to someone who either would like to be tethered to their machine or to someone who is looking for a mouse that can be used when their wireless mouse batteries die and they need a temporary replacement. As for a permanent solution for a mouse - I don't think this is for me but knowing it's here when I need it will probably allow me to keep this mouse for quite some time.