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Karr Security System Effective But Tricky

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dave By dave on
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I got suckered into buying a car security system because, well, who knows where I'll take my car in this life. It's an investment, so why not put the money down?

I have a KARR Security System and I can say there are some benefits and some negatives here.

Does it do a good job as an alarm system? Yes. It has three modes so I can set the security level of the system to suit my taste. There are also a few other options one can program the system to do. It also has shown that it does protect the car, if only from me learning this by trial and error.

The modes appear to be full protection, valet mode and off. The first and last should make sense, but valet mode is the setting I put it at as it is easiest to work with.

However, as I mentioned, there are some tricks to this that I've learned by accident. First off, you must unlock the doors with the buttons on the keys. If you put the key in the door, the computerized alarm deactivation has not happened and the KARR alarm assumes something else, like a lockpick, tried to open the door. Alarm goes off.

Also, if you lock the doors and then try to start the car, for some reason the alarm also goes off.

For my own safety, I've taught myself to start the car as quickly as possible to lock the outside doors in case someone runs up to my car for a carjacking while I'm sitting inside.

What I also like about the system is that I can set whether the horn should honk if I lock and unlock the doors. This is nice because I don't need it to honk as I approach the car to unlock it. In fact, I find that to be annoying, as it honks at full volume.

Overall, I feel secure in my investment in this alarm system and can recommend it to others.