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Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies

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I don't buy a lot of the special "healthier" brands because they generally cost a lot more and I usually find them to taste bland. A friend recommended Kashi cereal to me and after trying it I found that I liked it quite a bit. So, I decided to try some of their other products.

A box of Kashi cookies is $3.29 at my local grocery store. When it is on sale it is $2.50. While that seems average for a box of cookies, there are only eight cookies in each Kashi box. That alone deterred me from buying them, but they were on sale at the time and I had a $1 coupon so I went ahead and bought the oatmeal dark chocolate variety.

The cookies come in a plastic tray which is sealed inside the usual plastic wrap. It also has one of those little freshness packets inside. Then of course they are boxed. The packaging is as good or better than other cookie varieties that I have purchased. Having them boxed instead of just bagged keeps the cookies fully intact, no broken bits. I don't know if the freshness packets are necessary, but they certainly don't hurt.

Each cookie is about ¾ inch thick and 2.5 inches in diameter (yes, I actually measured a cookie). They are very dense and filling. I think that makes having only 8 cookies in a box worth the price. One Kashi cookie is always a filling snack for me. The cookies are loaded with dark chocolate chips. They use a high quality, tasty dark chocolate.

Each cookie has 130 calories. Yikes! There are 5g of fat and 1.5g saturated fat. Cholesterol is zilch and sodium is 70mg. Total carbs ring in at 21g, fiber is 3g, sugars are 8g and protein is 2g. So, while they are higher in fiber and protein than your average cookie, don't expect them to be low on calories. But, at least you're getting the good calories. And don't worry about the carbs either as the cookies are made with 7 whole grains- those carbs we'll take!

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy the Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies are. At first I thought they were a little expensive given that there are only eight cookies a box. But, considering the cookies are so dense I think they are worth having less in a box. These cookies have become a staple in our household, but I do usually wait for a sale to stock up.