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Kaspersky Internet Security

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By ak47basketball2 on
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Hello everyone,

I am reviewing Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0. I have been an advocate for free anti virus software in the past, but when installed Kaspersky I would never go back to free anti-virus' software again. There will be many things I will talk to you about in this review they will be detection rate, updates and the speed of the scan.

To start off the detection rate of Kaspersky is VERY good. For an example I will use my computer when I first started using Kaspersky. I had been previpusly using Norton and when I would scan with it, Norton would only detect cookies as any threats to me. So, When I used Kaspersky's full system scan, it preformed very well. On my hard drive (which is only 35gb) it found 5 trojans that Norton had not detected


On the note of updates, Kaspersky updates virus definitions as frequently as they come out. Now, I personally, like this feature because I always know that I am up to date with the latest and greatest virus updates.

In regards to scan speed, this will obviously depend on your hard drive size, For me, it took about 5 and 1/2 hours to fully complete the scan. Now I wouldn't be one to complain on scan speed because in my opinion, the slower tends to be more thorough than the competition.

This is a great product to protect the overall security of your system. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing good, all around protection.