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Katamari Damacy

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By shawn on
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Katamari Damacy: a name that lends almost no insight as to what the game could possibly be about and after viewing the opening movie you might think that the developers might have had a little extra help from a foreign substance. But whether or not they’re weird, Katamari Damacy is one of the most addicting games ever to be released—along the lines of tetris. If you’re going for a Katamari game, then you should go with the original.

Basically, you’ll control a ball and roll around collecting things to make it larger. At first you’ll only be able to pick up paper clips and erasers, but eventually you’ll be picking up massive draw bridges and entire islands at a time. Much of the game’s fun comes from seeing what you can pick up next and once you’ve gone as far as you can go you can see your collection of what you’ve gotten and what you’ve missed.

Katamari Damacy has the potential to keep you occupied as long as an RPG and keep you coming back again and again to play it.