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Katamari Damacy Doodley Doo...

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By fnordian on
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The original Katamari game - no doubt, it's a lot of fun. But unfortunately, one simply can't get much gameplay out of this version compared to the remake, We

The game has a vaguely linear plot progression, as one rolls up everything on Earth in order to repopulate the sky with its stars. Once you've completed one katamari, you move on to the next, though there is always the option to repeat previous levels. Both the premise of the game and the guide-character (The King of the Universe) are truly surreal in a way that seems unique to Japanese pop culture, and, of course, this adds quite a bit to the gaming experience. Also, the soundtrack is excellent. Ultimately, though, the game is fairly repetitive, there is not much variation between what you do from level to level, and some levels are unreasonably difficult while others are far too easy. Two player mode is limited to a few rather boring/basic levels. I recommend going straight to the sequel, We