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Katamari Damacy, In English: Clump Spirit

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Chris Vervoort By Chris Vervoort on
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Katamari Damacy is one of those ground-breaking games that makes people say, 'wow, this is good s#&*.' If you try and fit it into a genre, you will find some difficulty. Oh well it's not an Adventure Game, nor is it an Action Game. What is it? It's a Roll-ball-to-get-big Game! Obviously. That alone peaked my interest. There's a lot of strategy behind rolling a giant ball around picking up smaller things. After playing for quite some time, I found that going in the city first helps you get big quick. There's a lot of good stuff in the city. I also know that when I find myself far away from the roll-up-able world, I can use my quick dash thing to get over there. And turning around is key when I am up against a wall and can't see a damn thing.

The graphics in this game are visually pleasing really. The 3D cell-shaded world is pushed to the limits of the PS2 in my opinion. And the use of pastel colors brings out the peaceful calm aspect of the game. People are specifically made to be box-like. Same with cows and other various things. It's those little details, those small insignificant things that gives Katamari Damacy it's charm.

This game has a lot of content. Lots of levels, the final one being fairly time consuming and difficult (at first that is). There is multiplayer mode as well, though alas I have not tried it. This goes along with Replay Value, which I have found the game to have little of, even with so much content. The game mode itself took me about five days non-stop to beat. That's not much. Luckily then I had a craving to replay the last level over and over. In the last level you have to make the moon 300 meters in 25 minutes. I first beat it with 312m if I remember correctly. Then I played again and got 500m. And again, 600. Then 700. The next time I played I got 800, that was the most fun. I was picking up clouds, islands, rainbows even! It was great. Then when I got 800 these little angels flew around me. When my time ran out it said I unlocked Endless Mode, or something along those lines. When I played Make the Moon level again it said, Normal or Endless Mode. I tried Endless. I ended up playing Make the Moon with no time limit. So just for fun I got every single thing there was. That was great in all... But then Endless Mode was tried and done. Multiplayer Mode might keep me entertained for a few more days. And same with finding and collecting the Presents hidden in each level. But it's nothing like Super Mario Galaxy, after the game there is still weeks of game-play left!

Katamari Damacy is so invigorating, I am willing to bet that it could calm a demonic child, within weeks. Or something along those lines. It's a must buy, especially if you are a demonic child.