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Katamari Damacy: Playstation Game Review

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I love video games but I am not very good at them. My scores will never be in the top and you might find me yelling at the TV. However, that does not stop me from playing! That is case with Katamari Damacy. One day my husband brought home this game. I had watched him from afar playing with a giant ball that attached itself to everything in it's path. Initially, I thought, what is so fun about that? How hard that can really be?

So when my husband left the game to attend other matters, I decided to give it a try. I was expecting it to be easy and not very challenging. Judging from what I saw, anyone can do it and better. Just roll and pick-up stuff in the game. Easy right? I picked up the controller and started my game. Quickly I learned that the main goal to this game is to create the biggest star you can by picking up Earth items with a sticky ball.

As I tried to pick up items with my ball, I found the controls to be very tricky. Even though the game does provide you with a practice tutorial, it did not fully prepare me for the gameplay. I refused to be defeated by a silly controller and kept on playing. I am so glad I did not give up. Yes, the game controls was difficult for me to master, but it was worth learning.

Some people complain the game is too short and that most can complete it in a day. Whether if you can do that or not, it does provide you with a series of exciting challenges. Once you are completed with the game, you can go back and make your stars bigger. Go back and pick up items you may have missed the first time around.

This game may not be for everyone. The hardcore gamer might find this boring. A person who is starting to learn how to use a Playstation analog controller, might find the controls to this game too hard. If you can get pass that, you will find yourself with a enjoyable game to play. Through it all, Katamari Damacy is my favorite game to play on the Playstation.