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Katamari Damacy Review

Reviewing: Namco Playstation 2 Video Game  |  Rating:
Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Katamari Damacy is one of the oddest and most addictive games I have ever played in my life. Its not a very complex or even a tough game, however it is very challenging. You are this tiny elf-like alien Prince who is sent to Earth by the King of All Cosmos to roll up anything and everything possible in a fixed time limit or in to a specified size. The items you roll up can be a little crazy. You start out small rolling up pieces of paper and thumbtacks, then the next thing you know you're rolling up the neighborhood dogs and cats, and soon enough you are rolling up buildings, trees, islands, even clouds!

You start rolling items up using a Katamari. It can get very challenging, especially if you are not used to using the controller's analog sticks, like I was. You have to use both analog sticks simultaneously in order to move the Katamari forward, backwards, left, right, and so on and so forth. Depending on what you roll up causes the Katamari ball to become more imbalanced, for example, if you roll up a pencil, your center point is the pencil and you catapult instead of roll.

Depending on how large the Katamari is, determines what it becomes. Because you are serving the King of the Cosmos, you can turn your Katamari into a planet, a star, or a constellation.

If you think about the early video games, such as Spindizzy or even Pac-Man, it is the same concept, but with a larger scale, and a larger plot to it. Just like most video games, you can play as different characters, along the way, as you are rolling up your items, sometimes you will come across the Prince's cousins. Later on, you can play as one of your cousins.

The soundtrack to the game is very imaginative; you can tell by the music that this is a Japanese oriented game. The music is very catchy and assists you into the addiction of rolling up this Katamari.

As of right now it is only available on Playstation 2 and is able to receive the controller's dual shock feature. There are single players as well as multiplayer modes, to help your friends get addicted as well.

One of the things that I love about this game is that the colors are amazing and it seems as though the inventors thought up everything under the sun, who knows, maybe even the sun, to collect into your Katamari.

This game is available at any Gamestop or Walmart for around $25. But be careful! It can get so addictive that if you're driving down the street, you may start thinking to yourself, "Can I roll that tree up yet?" But don't do it!!!!