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Kathy Smith New Yoga Challenge Advanced Dvd Is Mediocre

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Kathy Smith New Yoga Challenge

The New Yoga Challenge Advanced DVD is not one of my favorite yoga DVDs. In my humble opinion, it falls flat. It has potential, but it contains too much filler, not enough yoga. And, even though the title contains the word "advanced", the practice actually seems more like an intermediate yoga series. The whole workout from start to finish lasts approximately an hour, and the variety of postures is excellent, plus they include many of my favorites (salamba sarvangasana - shoulderstand, Urdhva Dhanurasana - wheel pose, kapotasana - pigeon pose - just a really good variety of relaxing postures).

The New Yoga Challenge Advanced DVD begins with an introduction that focuses on rhythmic, yoga breathing. I thought this section was a bit lengthy, especially considering the DVD is "advanced", so it would be safe for the presenters to assume that their audience already knows about yogic breathing.

The next segment moves into a series of standing poses, which are then followed by floor poses. The very last section focuses on relaxation. For anyone who has never practiced yoga, that is generally how a (90 minute) yoga session goes. You start off with a breathing exercise (usually it is brief), followed by standing postures, floor postures, and then a short relaxation/meditation. Beginning the yogic breath and moving into the standing postures are your warm-up of sorts. The floor postures are when you start to cool down. Finally, you relax in savasana - corpse pose.

From the main menu, you can choose to do each segment separately, or you can do the full workout. Considering that the entire New Yoga Challenge Advanced DVD is only an hour long, I did not think that the opening breathing segment and the closing relaxation segment needed to be quite as long as they were. The physical workout was too short; I didn't feel as though I had gotten a good workout. I suppose it would be a good stretch session after a short run or weight training session.

Kathy Smith and Rod Stryker are the presenters, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. To be honest, I had never heard of either of them prior to watching this DVD, but supposedly he is a yoga master. I was okay with him, but there was something that seemed insincere about her. She executed all of the postures beautifully, but I got the impression that she was more concerned with her appearance than with a mind/body connection. I could be wrong.

For eight dollars on e-bay, this DVD was worth trying it out, but I've since gotten rid of it.