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Kayam Churan Great Lexative

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Alright this is only for people who have had problem with Constipation and are willing to read this (ESPECIALLY WHO HAVE GIVEN BIRTH AND KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH)...Basically, after I gave birth to my first baby I got Hemhorroids from which I had to suffer for 2 months before finding out that I had them. As every mom who knows that you get severe constipation after giving birth so because of that my problem was getting worse. After finding it out, I started using many different Kinds of lexatives but they worked only for a couple of days and weren't effective anymore. The other bad part about these lexatives was that they worked after 3 days, so basically you know that you will have to go through the pain and anguish for 2 more days, this was very frustrating. I had used so many different products, I even went online and ordered weird stuff in hope of getting rid of the hemorrhoids. The big mistake that I made was that I kept this problem to myself and didn't share it with my firends thinking that they would get disgusted about it. But after 4 months of pain and discomfort I just couldn't bear it anymore so I asked one of my friend who had 2 kids of her own and she told me that she went through the same problem and gave me the best solution. Since she was from India, she told me about a powder called KAYAM CHURAN, this is made from many different herbs and spices. She also told me to use Preparation H along with this (suppositories) so it could heal my hemorrhoids at the same time. I used the powder the first night and the next day the constipation was gone. So I started using Suppositories along with this powder for a month and by the end of the month I was feeling great and didn't need any medication. The taste is not so Great but knowing that you won't have to suffer makes it drinkable. I will highly recommend this product to people who have severe Constipation. But do keep in mind that you will end up in the bathroom the next day, maybe more than 4 times since your body is not used to the powder and might give you a bad diarrhea but after a couple of days everything is going to be normal again. And one more thing beofore I end this review, use less than the amount written on the package since you don't know how your body will take it. The best part about it is that it has all natural ingredients, no medication or chemicals. You can buy this from amazon for $14 or go to any Indian Store and pay $3. Don't spend a lot of money on lexatives, You can get this herbal remedy for way less....