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Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay

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Cindy Leggett By Cindy Leggett on
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I am always so surprised at the number of people who own small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs and do not feed them hay as a part of their daily diet. Hay is absolutely essential for these animals! Rabbits and guinea pigs need fiber as much as humans do. Fiber helps with digestion by keeping the digestive tract active, helps to prevent and eliminate hairballs, and can also prevent problems with the urinary tract. Long strand fiber is the best type, and this hay provides it in abundant quantities.

My small pets absolutely adore Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay, and I actually enjoy feeding it to them. When you undo the top of the bag, a lovely sweet smell fills the room. Kaytee's hay is FRESH! When your rabbit or guinea pig gets excited when they hear the bag opening, you know that you are about to give them a treat that they truly enjoy. But, don't think of this hay as just a treat. Hay should actually make up the bulk of the small pet's diet, with pellets and veggies added in as supplemements. A feeding program like this can help prevent obesity, and keeps the animal far more satified, as the hay gives them something to nibble on all day long. Timothy hay is much better for your pet than alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is high in calcium, and can cause urinary problems.

I highly recommend this quality hay to anyone who wants the best for their small pet!