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Kaytee Total Comfort Critter Friendly Bedding

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Cindy Leggett By Cindy Leggett on
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As a long time owner of many different kinds of small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats) over the course of many years, I have purchased a lot of pet bedding. Therefore, I feel pretty experienced in what qualities a good bedding should have.

I should know better than to experiment by now, and ought to just stick to products that I know are good quality, but I could not resist trying a bag of Kaytee Total Comfort Bedding for our current gerbil. I guess the name sort of sucked me in. I'm a nut about wanting to make sure my pets are comfortable, and I figured with a name like that, how could I go wrong?

I'm not sure if I just got ahold of a bag bad, or if this product was supposed to be like this. Total Comfort? More like Total Dustbowl! This was without a doubt the dustiest bedding I have ever had the misfortune to try. I sneezed for a good thirty minutes just from opening the bag! There is no way I would put this dusty mess in my pet's cage! It looked sort of like Carefresh, which is an excellent pet bedding, but the similarities ended there. What's really bad is that the bag the product came in stated "Dust Free". The bag also says that the product is made from "reclaimed resources", whatever those are supposed to be. They should have left the stuff where it was, and went with something that would have created a quality product.

Small pets have very vulnerable respiratory systems. Dust in any form is bad for them! You would think that a company as supposedly reputable as KayTee would somehow test this bedding before putting it on the market for use by people who perhaps don't realize dust is bad for their pets. I am not knocking KayTee as a company - they do make some products that I like a lot. But this bedding is not fit for use by anything or anyone. It could even trigger an asthma attack in susceptible humans... it's that dusty.

If you love your pet, please choose another bedding! I would not recommend this product to anyone!