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Kaz Inhalant For Use With All Electric Vaporizers

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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This product is great to use with any of the electric vaporizers made for use with an inhalant. It provide “soothing menthol vapors” that help to comfort coughs and cold symptoms. It is designed for use with any electric vaporizer. We got ours at Walmart. I believe we paid around $3.00 for a 4floz bottle.


Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Camphor, Methyl Salicylate, and either LavenderOil, Peppermint Oil or Mint in a Mineral Oil base.


Easy! Just add 1 Tablespoon to the medicine cup of your vaporizer. It says “all volatile ingredients will be released with the steam” (that word “volatile” …just doesn’t sit well with me!)anyways, all that will be left in the cup is the mineral oil.

This is easy to clean up…just wipe it out (not while your vaporizer is running! You might get burned!!)

They have cautions listed on the box here – like – of course don’t get it in your eyes! Keep it away from children…don’t drink it, that’s not what it’s for! And Don’t add this to the water tank! It’s only for use in the cup part!


When we used this we of course followed the directions and used it with our Vicks Warm Steam vaporizer. My son was sick with a cold, I was having allergy problems and sleeping at night was especially hard! This Kaz inhalant didn’t have a room overpowering smell that was annoying. It actually seemed quite mellow and light to me. You can definitely smell the menthol/mint though. Along with the vaporizer this did a wonderful job! My son and I slept all night! He only coughed a couple times, I didn’t at all! Well worth the relief!!!

Here is the link to the review i did on our vaporizer(I hope I added the link correctly!

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