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Keep Bra Straps From Slipping

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Ok, so I was in Wal-Mart and as I walked past the lingerie section, I spotted these "Strap Perfect" things that claimed to keep your bra straps from falling down. Simple enough and they looked quite easy to put on. Not to mention they came with 6 bra clips = 2 Clear Clips, 2 Nude Clips, and 2 Black Clips. That's great because those match pretty much every color bra and the clear goes with anything. The box also contained 24 Strips of Invisible Fashion Tape - cool.

Well, the first day in trying to put these clips on my straps, I could have won America's Funniest Home Video since I could NOT reach the area to clip them on. Of course there is a second way of clipping them. Put your bra on backwards, clip the straps and then rotate your bra around and somehow try to put your arms back through the bra straps - are you kidding me? So I went back to putting the clip on by reaching back over my head. I guess I need to limber up my arms more.

The second day I had my husband put the clip on for me. There, I had it licked. Well, during the day on that second day, I could feel the straps in the back starting to curl - but the box stated that would not happen - false advertising? No way.

Now on the 3rd day, still using the clear clip I had been using, I attempted to put the stupid clip on myself since hubby had left for work and next thing I knew, my poor little wiener dog cried out extremely loud and I realized that dumb clip snapped in half and hit my poor dog! Boy, was I mad. So I packaged up the broken clip and everything else that came with it and that afternoon returned the defective falsely advertised product to Wal-Mart. The clerk was happy to know because she almost wasted her money too.

Moral of this product review is either buy a racer back bra or just deal with those straps falling off your shoulders for the rest of your life or just don't wear one at all.

Note: The images I have provided are from the Internet as I no longer had the product and could not take a picture. But I think you all need to know what the box looks like so you will run away as fast as you can when you see it.

Update On Apr 18, 2010: I find it hard to believe anyone has used these successfully. But maybe if the girl or woman is thin enough they may work for a smaller body frame.