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Keep My Baby R Keep My Kids?

Reviewing: Gmc Step Side 90  |  Rating:
Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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As a teenager I always wanted a Chevy step side. I thought they were so pretty. Well, after I got married, we got one. I waited from the age of 15 to age 28 before that happen.

I Love that truck.

My husband paints cars and I had begged him to paint it. After 6 years of waiting, (you know how plumber's, toilets stay messed up, that's my husbands attitude)he surprised me and painted it while I was out of town.

It was so Pretty. White with blue pearl, that glistened in the sun.

And the sound, I love the sound of that truck. It makes you feel like you have power. Its wonderful. The motor in this truck had been modified before I got it. Whoever had it before me took real good care of it and had the money to soup it up a little. This truck would not miss a lick going up a big hill. You could pick up your speed on a hill like you was on flat land. I just can't explain the power of the engine.

It was an older truck, so yes it had a few problems, nothing big except for the transmission, and the air did not work. But hey, I live in the country, and I feel a little sweat is good for you. And the gas mileage is not wonderful. It probably got around 10 miles per gallon. But for driving something you love, its worth it. Now I would not take long trips in it, but for around here, I didn't mind paying the extra.

Well, when I got the truck, my first kid was 4. A year an a half later, I have my second child.

Everything was great unnntttiillll.... The youngest child got old enough to fight with the oldest.

Its awful. I live 10 minutes from school, and as soon as they get in, the fight is on! I could have sold tickets, an made money.

It was fist fighting, screaming, just nnnaa nnnaa nnnnaa. Every single day, I was wanting to hurt someone and pull my hair out.

In this truck, they have to set right by each other. So, I had to sell it (;-().

I had to find something bigger to separate them. I can't believe my kids forced me to sell my baby.

Now I really, really miss my truck.

And so, I am waiting for my kids to get old enough to move out, and I'm getting another one.

Update On Jun 17, 2008: I couldn't find a picture. But, I found this footage my 1st child recorded. My beautiful truck is what they are fighting around. I wish the sound was better, on this video. I will tell you what they are saying, cause you will see what I deal with. I need nanny 911, LOL. The oldest says my youngest threw it. Then says, "I am telling Mama". The friend of the oldest, acts like she is going to hit my youngest. That's when the young child goes after both of them, with a stick. They start running and the friend stops an fronts the youngest. She gets hit a few times but then gets the stick.