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Keep Safe Mate. Sanitising Gel By Safemate.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I would like to do a review, on a gel for sanitising hands. This particulatrone was made by Safemate, but as I was given it, I have very little information.

I have just "Googled" the name of this company, and found their website, which was on the bottle but I had missed it! The company is 151Products Ltd. and their website can be found here:-


I was given a small bottle just for occasional use, and so far, it has met wit my approval. The bottle is clear plastic, with a cap which can be unscrewed, or the top of this can be flipped open to reveal a small nozzle. you are supposed to use just a finger nail sized blob on your hands, rub them together briskly, and this is supposed to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

I have been using it for a while now, and although I am not one for using stuff like this, I have accepted it pretty well/. The gel is easy to apply, rubs in and dries quickly, and most importantly, it does not leave a nasty taste if you happen to touch your lips. Many of these products have an awful taste, and you have to keep fingers away from you mouth for hours afterwards.

I suppose this bottle is aimed at Ladies to carry in handbags, it only holds 57ml, which is very little, but as I have proven, is lasting quite a while.

WARNING - I suppose I ought to add the precautions you should take. This is Alcohol based, so it is Flammable, and should be kept away from eyes. If swallowed, take to Hospital and bring the container! This is for external use only, but it is safe if you have a cut or abrasion.

There is also a warning on the label, saying it may discolour some fabrics or surfaces. I can't see this myself, because the gel is completely clear! However, you have been told.

In these days, with all the various bugs that are going round, it is very important to either use gel like this, or wash hands with soap & water.

I feel I must recommend this, although I can't give you a price.