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Keep Toasty With A Cadet Electric Heater

Reviewing: Cadet 500 Watt, 240 Volt Electric Baseboard Heater  |  Rating:
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My daughter had an old baseboard heater in her bathroom that was still working, but was pretty dented up, so she decided to install a new one. The heater we found at Mendard's to replace it was the Cadet brand baseboard heater. This heater is 500 watts and needs a 240-volt electrical supply.

To install the heater we needed a Phillips screwdriver, straight screwdriver, Wire strippers, drill, drill bits, 4 screws, & 3 wire nuts. The installation was super easy.

Once we removed the old heater, we just had to remove the cover and thread the wires through the hole in the back of the heater and re-attach the wires with 3 wire nuts. The heater can be wired either from the right or left. The back of the heater has pre-punched holes along the length, so it was easy to drill out and into the existing holes in the wall from the old heater. That was important for this installation as the heater was attached to the tile and we didn't want to have to put new holes in the tile.

This heater does not come with a thermostat, so if this is a new installation and not a replacement you will have to buy a separate thermostat and install that also.

The heater gets hot to the touch, but not extremely so. In order to prevent a fire, flammable objects must be kept at least 12" away from the front and top of the heater and 6" clearance on both sides.

The heater is virtually maintenance-free, only needing an occasional vacuuming with the sweeper to remove the dust from the aluminum fins on the heat exchanger. Just make sure to be safe and turn off the circuit breaker first and be careful not to damage the heat exchanger fins.

This heater is perfect for her small bathroom and makes it nice and cozy. I would recommend a little larger watt heater for a bedroom or larger room.