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Keep Your Eyes Peeled With These Fortunus Club Binoculars

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I was given a pair of these as a gift, and they were very welcome too. I was first a little sceptical, because they are so small I thought they must be toys! I was totally wrong of course. The Company is one I had never heard of, and although I have no idea what they cost, I suspect they were very reasonably priced.

They come complete with a Valise, or case, this is useful, as it can be kept on the binoculars when the are being worn round the neck (With the neck cord provided) Or, the case can be threaded onto a belt. Either way, it is not cumbersome.

The binoculars also came with a piece of glasses cloth, for cleaning the lenses, this is very good, as it will not scratch, unlike a piece of rag or rough tissue.

Also included, is a bag of Silica Gel crystals, this is intended just for transport, but I still keep it in the case to stop any chance of damp affecting the binoculars.

Right, now on to the actual binoculars themselves. The colour matches the case, matt black. They are covered in rubber, and the eye pieces are very soft and comfortable. These are 8 x 21, which is a good general purpose type. This equates to 383 Feet at 1000 Yards, or 126 Meters at 1000 Meters. I will now tell you they have "Fully coated optics" although I must admit I have no idea what this means! The "Outer" end of the lenses are coloured orange to stop the Sun's glare.

The total length of these binoculars, is just three & three quarter inches, and folded the other dimensions are two & a half inches, by one & a half. You can now see how little space they take up. I consider the size to be a very good advantage, as you are tempted to slip them into your pocket, where with traditional ones, you would not even consider doing so, unless you were going somewhere you could guarantee using them.

I have never weighed them, there is no point, because once in your pocket, or round your neck, inside your bag, or on your belt, you forget all about them. They are about as cumbersome as your average mobile phone.

All things considered, I can thoroughly recommend these binoculars to all.