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Keep Your Family Safe

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Recently we have had some problems with our electric in our home. We had an electrician come to check out our wiring and he asked if we had smoke detectors in our house. Well we have some but they are old and apparently not working. I put in new batteries and they still won't even test out. So he recommended that we buy some new ones especially because we are having issues with the electric.

I went to KMart and picked up a few of these basic smoke detectors. They were compact, which I liked because I wanted them to not be noticeable when people looked at my ceiling. I noticed that on the package that these came with their own 9V battery too. My husband commented that he wondered if the batteries were any good since these were on the shelf for who knows how long. I said we can always bring them back if they aren't working for a replacement.

When we got home I opened the package and yes there was a brand new 9V battery inside. You have to remove the plastic covering on the battery before it will work. I thought that was kind of funny in one respect because you really have to take the battery out so that you can install it! So the covering would actually fall off all by it's self.

You will need a phillips screw driver to install the smoke detector. It was very easy to install. Lift up the cover or take it off (it is easily snapped back on), line up the holes on the surface it will be mounted on. It says to mark the wall or ceiling with a pencil and then put the screws in, but I just screwed them in eyeing the spots. Now that it is mounted you take the 9V battery and pull back the little plastic holder and insert it. Close the lid and then push and hold the test button. If it beeps.......remember it is very loud.....you did it correctly!

It will beep when the battery needs changing. Remember to change the batteries twice a year with the time changes.