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Keep Your Hands Extra Toasty With Your Breath!

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When I went to college at Michigan State University it was pretty much a given that I would be walking to class in the midst of blizzards, rain, sleet, etc; all that yucky stuff. Keeping your hands in your pocket can only protect them so much so I knew I needed to get a good pair of gloves.

My family and I were in Dick's Sporting Goods shopping for some warm weather clothes and I came across the Gorgonz Exhale 180* Gloves. I immediatly knew these were the gloves I needed to get. Exhale 180* are not your normal winter gloves and are very unique. I've never seen a pair of gloves like them before. On the top of the glove there is a little flap and underneath that flap is a little "port." All you have to do is just blow air into the port and it funnels your warm breath into your glove and immediately surrounds your hand with warmth. How cool is that?! The gloves came in the normal sizes, S-XL and were basic black and gray in color. Despite the steep price for a pair of gloves my parents agreed that these would probably be the best gloves to have.

So let's fast forward to the real first snowstorm of the Spring semester. (Funny it's called a Spring semester yet most of it is in the Winter, lol). As I walked to class I blew into both of my gloves when my hands started to get cold and couldn't believe it. They really warmed up and I could really feel the warm air from my breath! Each blow kept my hands warm for a few minutes and then I would have to blow into them again. Which wasn't bad considering I wasn't going to run out of any hot air in my lungs anytime soon! :o)

If you live up North, go hunting, or do anything outside in the snow or cold weather then I would really consider these gloves. They certainly do the job and they are definitely very unique and I can assure you your friends will be jealous of your warm hands!