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Keep Your Microwave Clean With Miracle Ware

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Do you ever get tired of cleaning the inside of your microwave? I did, especially when I didn't get it dirty! To solve that problem I purchased this set of two Progressive MiracleWare Food Covers.

These covers are specifically meant for the microwave, and prevent splatters to the sides and top of the microwave oven. No matter how careful my hubby said he was when heating or reheating food, it seemed like it was always splattered with something. Unless the microwave is cleaned right away, it's not a fun job cleaning off that dried-on food!

This set of Progressive MiracleWare consists of 2 covers, a small size measuring 6-3/4" in diameter and a larger one measuring 10-1/4" in diameter. They are each about 2-1/2 inches high, and come with an embedded handle to easily lift the cover off your plate of food.

The smaller cover I use on dessert size plates or covering a small bowl. The larger cover I use for dinner plates or soup bowls. There are 1/4" vents around the top perimeter of each cover to allow steam to escape, but not the food (so far, so good). They are top rack dishwasher safe but I usually just wipe them clean with a damp paper towel.

In the care instructions it states that these covers should not be used with a browning dish or element, used in a conventional oven or on a hot plate. Also, do not use steel or abrasive cleaners as I could see this scratching the clear plastic material these covers are made of. Lastly, it states these covers are freezer safe but I can't begin to think of a reason why I would use one of these in my freezer. What would be the purpose with all the vent holes around the top?

For $3.99 these Progressive MiracleWare Food Covers were a good deal and stopped a lot of "why didn't you clean the microwave?" conversations in our household so they get my recommendation.