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Keeps Noses Clear

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By unperfekt on
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Claritin-D is one of only two prescriptions that work for my hardcore allergies in late autumn. The D stands for "damn that is really good" because it contains psuedoephedrine, an ingredient that was taken off the shelves in Oregon. For those who can get a prescription, however, the relief is inexpensive and effective.

My nose usually gets clogged for three months out of the year, as soon as grass season starts and ends when trees end. Claritin-D drains my nose, which can be annoying, but it is certainly better than a stuffed nose. In combination with an eyedrop (claritin-d is not that effective at non-nasal symptoms) a worse-than-average allergy sufferer can get through the day without looking like a mess. The perk from the pseudoephedrine is a welcome side effect.