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Kelly Coffey Meyer Step Boxing Workout

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For less than twenty-two dollars a month, I get more DVD's than I really need with my Blockbuster Online membership. If I were a patient person, I would have actually taken time to read the synopsis for this exercise DVD, and I would have known that it was a step aerobics workout. Instead, I searched for "kickbox", and this DVD came up with a number of other kickboxing workouts. Since this one had a good member rating, I had it sent to me. Without reading the description. I mean, it had the word "boxing" in the title, so what more did I need to know about it, right? So, I guess I don't need to tell you how disappointed I was, when I popped this into the DVD player and realized it was mostly step aerobics. I didn't know people still did step aerobics. This is a 2007 video (I had to double check, even though the women were wearing modern exercise clothing). I no longer have a step, so I wound up alternating between doing an exaggerated march and fast forwarding through the stepping. The entire workout is supposed to be 55 minutes, including warm-up and cool down, but obviously it didn't take me that long. There were segments that involved weights, lunges, and abs. Those were worth following along! I did this yesterday, and my chest, arms, glutes, and abs are sore. The exercises were fun and they targeted some areas (upper stomach, where the ribs almost come together - I didn't even know I had muscles there, the outside area of the chest, where the armpits meet the chest, and the upper chest) that we tend to neglect. I'm sure if I had had a step, this would have been a really good lower body workout, too. Still, step aerobics is not my cup of tea. Next time, I will read the synopsis. Oh, and there was no boxing involved, so the title really is misleading.