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Kenmore Microwave A Pretty Good Buy

Reviewing: Kenmore Elite 2.0 Cu Ft Microwave  |  Rating:
klkwid By klkwid on
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My old microwave died on me a few months back. I don't know if you guys have ever tried to live without a microwave, but it's hard! I didn't think I used mine that much, but wow! I guess I do! I went out and purchased a Kenmore because I'm familiar with the name and this one seemed a reasonable price. So far I've been pleased with my purchase.

There's nothing really super-fancy about this microwave. I really DO like that it has a pull-open door. I dislike the locking kind where you have to push a button in to have the door pop open for you-I've found that those eventually give out for the most part or sometimes you ahve to push them a couple times before they open at all. This one is a simple pull open-nice, easy, and can't fail on you.

It's a 2.0 cu foot, so it's plenty big enough to hold a large plate and heat whatever you need. It could stand to be a bit taller, though-if you have tall cups for coffee or something that heat frequently, this would be a bit inconvenient for you.

It has some function buttons that have preprogramed amounts of time-I always get confused on these because the popcorn always seems like its too long and the others seem too short so I really never use them. The buttons available are for popcorn, potato, beverage, pizza, food plate, frozen entree, fresh vegetable, baked goods, and casserole if you do use those. There is a add minute button that I do always use, though, and that comes in handy :)

The heating seems fairly even, and defrosting is beter than most of the other microwaves I've used in the past-this one doesn't so much cook the item as much as it truly defrosts it.

All in all, this is a good standard microwave. Unless you want a microwave that really does special tricks for you, don't spend more than $200 on it! Go to KMart or Sears and get yourself a Kenmore.