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Kenmore Washer And Dryer A Perfect Pair

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By glent on
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Washer and Dryer model #417 were bought in July of 2005, and I don't think I've ever spent money better. Included in the price was delivery and set-up, which happened exactly as scheduled and without a bit of frustration. Durable, maintenance-free and perfect performers, these two appliances have consistently delivered clean, dry washables. The savings in water, detergent and power are also noteworthy. I actually noticed an immediate drop in the electricity bill when I installed these to replace a much older top-loading washer and gas dryer. I really can't tell you about the dryer's use of gas, but I'm going to bet it is a lot lower than the late ‘70's unit I had before. A scant 1/3 cup of detergent is loaded into the drawer for detergent, fabric softener and bleach. Since I never use fabric softener, that little compartment never gets more than dusty. The bleach compartment has easy to use "minimum" and "maximum" marks, and I'd be surprised if the maximum amount is over ¼ cup. I've also found that where I used to have to wash loads of white laundry on "hot" with a warm water rinse, I almost always use cold water wash and rinse now. The different cycles also let me do everything from duvets to sheer drapery panels with confidence. If the washable is well made, there isn't even a little wear.

The dryer is also cheap to operate, but delivers crisp and wrinkle free results almost every time. If I do slip in a heavy towel with the rest of the laundry, I might remove the rest and let the towel have a fifteen-minute final dry before it's toasty. The lint filter is apparently very efficient, too. I've had the dryer hooked up and running for over two years and have only cleaned out the vent on the outside of the house once. Since the vent is at the top of an eight-foot ladder on the outside of the house, I count that a very good thing.

I built a very heavy platform for the two that is as sturdy as a tile floor. Experience taught me to make sure the platform is heavy and sturdy, or the washer will take two towels and tango all over during the spin cycle. I'm told they sell great ones that come with drawers for storage, but they can be pretty expensive.

All in all, Kenmore has once again kept their reputation for building dependable appliances, and Sears has kept theirs for perfect delivery and set-up. Three years down the road with regular use, the repair service hasn't been needed, so I have no information. I'm guessing it will stay that way, so I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money on an extended warranty.