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Kensington Flylight Usb Notebook Light

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I've been using a computer for ages now and have gotten very adept at using the keyboard but when I first purchased my laptop I was unfamiliar with some of the key locations for things like the delete, backspace and arrow keys. A lot of the time I was using the laptop in the dark in the bedroom as my husband gets up early in the morning and a lamp on all night wouldn't have been conducive to sleeping. I needed a source of light that wasn't going to disturb him but that would provide the lighting necessary for me to continue to work.

I decided to check out Staples and there I located this inexpensive light for the laptop. It's nothing more than a small flexible cable, only about a foot in length. On one end is a USB plug-in, on the other is a small, cylindrical metal casing about 1/4" in diameter and approx 1/2" long with an LED light inside. By attaching this light to my USB port and then moving the cable into whatever shape I want it, I can easily bring the light to any location around my laptop so that I can see the keys perfectly.

The light is a very bright, white light and works quite well. When I no longer need to use it I can just bend it out of the way or detach it from the laptop altogether. I then just bend it in half and stick it in a drawer til I need to use it again. So far I've bent this light into numerous shapes and folded it to store and it still shows no signs of wear or stress.

It attached to the laptop without any problems, the USB port recognized it right away and the light is always on when its plugged in. Very simple little gadget that has saved me from squinting in the dark.

It is also easy to keep attached to the laptop without causing any problems and that makes it just as portable as the laptop so that I can move from room to room if I wish. The great thing about this is if I have my laptop and this light I don't need to turn lights on as I go. I just curve the cable to the direction I'm headed and my way is lit.

A pretty neat little gadget for very little money and so far its worked well for almost 2 years, so I've definitely gotten my money's worth from it.