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Keurig Premium Coffee Systems

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By luna on
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Let's start off with a little introduction. Keurig coffee systems brew coffee one cup at a time. Big deal, right? Those have been around for awhile. However, there's no grinding, no measuring, no filters, no clean up for this coffee brewer! Instead, you use what's called a K-Cup: pre-measured coffee and filter inside a tiny little cup! You simply lift the top, place the K-Cup, close the top and brew! In about 15 seconds, you'll have yourself a fresh cup of java. Then simply retrieve the cup and throw it away! Yes, it's that simple.

I have to say, ever since I saw one of these systems, I wanted one. When I want coffee, I'm usually running out the door with no time to wait for a pot to brew. On top of that, nobody in my household likes the crazy flavored coffees that I enjoy. So, I usually go without. With Keurig, however, you can have a cup of coffee in the time it takes to put your shoes on. And that's what I love best about it - it's so quick! The system comes with a timer so you can have it turn on and heat up before you get up (it takes about 3 minutes to heat up fully and be ready to brew) and turn off after you go to bed. In between that, all you have to do is watch the water level. When it gets low, poor water in the side. In my experience, if I run out of water, it still only takes 10-20 seconds for it to heat up before it's ready to go. Also, the water reservoir is pretty decent size, so I never have to refill more than every couple days.

Another big plus is variety. Have 20 people in your house who all want different things? All set. Everybody can have something different, and in the time it takes you to brew all 20 of those coffees, you could've maybe made one pot of coffee in a regular brewer. And the variety doesn't stop there - you can make more than just coffee! K-Cups also come packed with tea or even hot cocoa, and both taste absolutely delicious. Want to use a different tea bag? You can get just a cup of hot water as well. And for the indecisive household (like my own) Keurig sells a wide range of variety boxes.

Now you're probably wondering about price. A 25-pack of K-Cups costs $13.95 if you order from Keurig, which can be done on-line or through their catalog. That equals out to about $0.56 per cup. Yes, it is cheaper to buy a bag of coffee and stick it in your normal brewer, but you don't get the same variety, ease or even the same quality flavor! The Keurig Premium Coffee System itself costs anywhere from $100 - $300 depending on how many extras you want with it. Personally, I have the $100 system and it suits my needs perfectly.

With time, I'm sure we'll see these popping up everywhere. Try it for yourself, I can assure you, you'll be packing up your old brewer in no time!