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Kevin Trudeau Needs To Go Back To Prison

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Do you have a loved one suffering? Well apparently Kevin Trudeau wants to appeal to you with his fake sympathy and promote his worthless book titled "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About." Basically he's giving you an extremely vague and brief teasing toward possible alternative cures. You can just as easily Google all that kind of information as opposed to read it from his book. A lot of it is common sense as well. One thing I truly disliked is that he promotes further a website which he is part of where book buyers must go and pay more money to get the "secrets" that he supposedly wasn't allowed to print in the book. So basically you're buying a book that tells you all about how Asian doctors practice different things that don't deal with surgery and have occaisionally cured cancer by these methods and things along those lines. Ok, alternative practices are amazing. Sure, I'd love to chew on some leaves and avoid a big gash in my gut and thousands of dollars in debt for the medical bill - but you also have to realize that those alternative methods don't always have the desired results.

Yes, FDA approved drugs tend to carry all kinds of negative side effects. These days, it seems like you take something for your allergies, and you develop all kinds of other horrible conditions like diarrhea, sore threat, depression, etc. Ridiculous. At the same time, doctors just push for those drugs and Trudeau does bring that up often. Sure I see how its a big way for drug companies to make money and so on, and many doctors aren't very knowledgeable on alternative things or special diets and other advice to give people outside of drugs and operations.. but if you want to find out those other cures, this book will not help you out one bit. Like I said, a Google search can get you better and more accurate information. You can even find medical books all about herbs and natural ways to cure all kinds of situations whether it be depression, acne, pains, etc.

The Wikipedia entry for this guy says that he is "an American author, convicted felon, pocket billiards promoter (founder of the International Pool Tour), salesman, self-proclaimed alternative medicine advocate and unsuccessful defendant in several Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuits" - and that's not a load of trash. The sources cited are US government sites to verify these claims.

Bottom line, don't waste a dime on this scam artist. He deserves to rot in prison and I would never ever vouch for any of his books because I'm sure its all the same things - whether its about your health or debt. There are much cheaper ways to get access to information to benefit your life - don't let some scammer give you the run around. Don't give this jailbird your money.