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Key Bank Free Checking

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A few years back, when I turned 18, I ended up feeling compelled to get a bank card. Afterall, everyone seems to have them, and it's convenient. Gee I feel like a robot. Anyways, Key was a fairly easy option. It's a free checking account (most banks checking accounts are free these days it seems), and you get a mastercard bank card that is useable at just about every atm I've seen and every checkout I've seen. It's pretty basic. You put your cash in with a deposit slip or electronic transfer, it takes about 2 days to clear, then use it as you wish.

One thing I do not like is their overdraft fees. Obviously, if you don't have a credit card attached to the account, and you go into the negatives, most banks will hit you with an overdraft fee. KEY though, well, they really just try to take advantage. I've gone into overdraft 2 or 3 times over the years, mainly on accident because of online subscriptions I didn't know were active on my card. It's kind of crappy to wake up and find out you went one dollar negative and they end up tacking on a $25 overdraft fee.

Thankfully though, one time when it was an error on the site that charged me, Key did freeze my account, sent me forms to get the overdraft reversed, and it all worked out swell. So, I will say their customer support is not the worst.