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Kh Re:Chain Of Memories Japanese Release

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Kingdom Hearts has become quite a big franchise, of which I much enjoy, and I'm sure the name Square Enix helps. As with a lot of their other games and frachises they release a lot for only Japan. There had been a lot of requests and rumors of a Chain of memories remake for the PS2. Finally it came March 29, 2007 packaged with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ as an only Japanese release.

I had asked for a flip top and swap magic for my birthday in June and decided to import the game. It seemed to take forever but got to my house about a week before leaving for vacation. So I had a full week of nonstop game play in and I absolutley loved it. Re: Chain of Memories was japanese voice acting along with subtitles (good thing I played the GBA version first) and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ was in english (with japanese subtitles) loaded with tons of extras not in the American version and that is for another review :)

The storyline is the same as the original but the graphics were PS2. It was very interesting to hear the japanese actors as Sora, Goofy, Donald, Jimminy, Namine, Riku and Axel. They were the ones who were already in the other two games and had American voices already. The Organization members in this game that Sora deals with is Axel, Marluxia, Larexene and Vexen.

While Riku deals with Zexion, Lexaeus, and Vexen also.The playing is also the same as in the original release which was fine for the GBA as it was rather limited but playing it on the PS2 is very strange. Your movements were limitless in the other games but now when you hit an apponent you are taken into battle mode so to speak and cannot get out unless you die, kill all your opponents or run away. It reminded me very much of the Final Fantasy games except you weren't staionary.

I think the game is very good but I still haven't had a chance to beat it just yet because as the original the further you go the harder some of the opponents get, Vexen for instense >:( and the moving is slowing my game playing down. Hopefully when things cool down I can update with the rest of this game and I am very close to being finished. I'd like to do one on Rikus story mode also.

Update On Feb 18, 2009: I beat Sora's story last night! Well to be perfectly honest the last fight between the Riku Replica and Larexene were far more difficult then Marluxia. I was actually disappointed. You fight a Marluxia clone first, very easy he hardly does anything! Then you go and fight him while he's in nobody armor which also once again was very easy. Then finally you fight him again basically he stands there, blows wind and flower peddles at you, you lose all your cards you run up and collect them then kick his ass. He didn't kill me once. I did enjoy it, just I thought he could be a lot harder, he's supposed to be the mastermind through out the entire game. Come on Square Enix, give me more challenge PLEASE!

Update On Apr 06, 2010: So as you would have it after I got this one they did come out with the American release of Re:Chain of memories. So of course I bought that too lol I got it for myself for xmas year before last and I understand it a lot better now. Being able to understand what the people are saying helps A LOT! I still love both versions and seeing as how my japanese version is cracked on the inner ring of the disk (i didnt notice it before makes me very angry) I now have the american one I can play to my liking as much as I want.