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Kick! Punch! It's All In The Mind...

Reviewing: Sony Play Station 1 Parappa The Rapper  |  Rating:
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There's nothing like Parappa - especially at the time of its release. Parappa the Rapper is the story of a young personified pup named Parappa. Your goal is to catch the heart of a cute personified sun flower named Sunny. To do this you must take a karate course in order to protect her. What's unique is the fact that you must rap your way through this karate course, which is led by a personified onion (Chop Chop Master Onion Head). Then later you must take a driving course, bake a cake, and wait in line for the bathroom in the same fashion.

But how are these levels done? Call it somewhat a musical Simon says. The leader raps a line and you must copy with the same level of rhythm. This is done with the buttons on the control.




You must do it with proficiency. If you lame it up, you fail. You can pass with a good rating, but you really want to be a master - and you can only do this by freestyling a style above that of the master.

Overall, this quirky and unforgettable game is a must play for anyone. It's a little short, but for what it is, it's awesome.