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Kidco Good For Baby And My Wallet!

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jallyson By jallyson on
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I have years of experience with this, first got it with my 5 yr old to make her baby food, but when I realized I was missing some parts when I had my youngest, I went right out and bought another one.

This food mill is so easy to use, it's ridiculous. There are three main parts- two pieces which fit together and work to puch the food up into the bowl once it's been ground, and the grinding handle. You interlock the two main pieces, put some food into the hollow middle, snap the grinding handle into place, and turn the handle while pressing down gently. Soon you have baby food! To clean up, just pull all the pieces apart and toss them in ther dishwasher. (Sometimes it's a bit tricky to unlock the grinder, I use a fork tine inserted in one of the holes to pop it back counter-clockwise.)

It is so much easier and cheaper to make baby food using this mill, rather than buying expensive jar foods and worrying about contamination, preservatives, etc. I know the food I'm making is safer, healthier, and above all, cheaper! I can just grind up what we're eating, or I can make batches of food ahead of time (I freeze the food in ice cube trays and pop into freezer bags- just thaw what you need!)

A new feature that my old grinder didn't have is the carrying case, which I love, because now I can bring this mill with me to a restaurant if I want. The top of the mill is a convenient bowl, so the ground-up food sits in it and I can just feed her out of that.

The only drawback I have found is that when making batches of things, my arm can get a bit tired, but I figure it's a good arm workout!

A must have for any mommy, I ighly recommend this product.