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Kid's Crest Is Fun For Grownups Too!

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I love Crest toothpaste products, and I was especially happy, when in addition to the tubes, they started marketing other types of containers that were not as messy. Kid's Crest comes in a stand up dispenser, and you lightly squeeze the bottle, to put the gel on your toothbrush. The container then returns to its former shape. It's called the "Neat Squeeze" bottle. When it gets too difficult to squeeze, you know it's time to buy another bottle.

When my regular flavored Crest toothpaste, in the same type container, was not available one day, I decided to try the Kid's Crest Sparkle Fun flavor. (Since my online nickname is "Sparkle", it's obvious that I love things with glitter.) Kid's Crest Sparkle Fun flavor is a blue gel, with lots of sparkles! It smells like Double Bubble Bubblegum, and it tastes great!

Crest Kid's Sparkle Fun flavor is accepted by the American Dental Association, and it is a fluoride, anti-cavity toothpaste. There are now many other flavors of Kid's Crest available, such as Spider-Man and Sesame Street. The Sparkle Fun flavor comes in a blue and white bottle, with rainbow colors on the label, that will definitely appeal to kids, and will encourage them to brush often. But you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it!