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Kids Movie Review: Can Of Worms

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By mellaview on
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I came across the movie Can of Worms on the Disney channel this Halloween season. It mainly is a movie meant for younger children. Like many children movies played during Halloween it is supposed to have a semi ghoulish ring to it, without being horrifying to the younger audience's.

Can of Worms is about a boy who thinks that he is from another planet, and when things go wrong during a school dance, he sends a message up to space. He does not actually expect any aliens to hear his message, but in turn they do.

Not long after sending the message aliens come to visit him. Some are good, while others are bad.

Mainly though all of the aliens in the flick are odd looking puppets, that are cute, yet stupid all the same.

The plot though is what killed the movie. When he sent out the message to space, he managed to open up a hole to allow evil aliens to come on to earth to try and take over.

It's up to him to close the worm hole, (which is like a portal from earth to the aliens home planet) while saving his friends who were abducted.

The movie though played out horribly, was very lame, and the characters all seemed fake.

Although this movie may hold some attention to younger kids, it is boring all around and just because its a kids flick does not mean its a good kids flick, because its far from it.