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Kill A Tree Support Starving Paparazzi! Buy Star

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If you don’t like trees or if you just want to support the merciless paparazzi, buy Star!

You might be disappointed to hear that gone are the days that these tireless “reporters” hunt down stories of alien invasions, human babies born to gorillas and other interesting “newsworthy” articles… but in their place is more! More! MORE! Stories of harried and hassled entertainers!

As a subscriber to this “great” magazine you will fully support the invasion of privacy of all of your favorite, and least favorite, celebrities!

I was the very “lucky” recipient of a full years subscription of this very special rag mag. I am not sure that it makes me any more happy to be killing trees on someone else’s dime… but I certainly would not spend my own on this…. Well, what word could I possible call it that would convey the atrocity that is sold as news?

The articles in the magazine are poorly written, for the most part, with some being overly invasive and/or downright rude and ridiculing. While I am interested in how the other half lives, I am not interested in supporting sneak shots of people in their private yards or mobs of people following individuals while they are trying to shop, enjoy a quiet dinner or a pleasant day or night out.

Does Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really need the parenting advice given by Star Magazine? If they want to allow their children to eat (you might want to look away for this one!) pizza and chocolate for breakfast, is it anyone’s right to publicly criticize the family that they most likely do not know? Is pizza for breakfast all that unusual anyway? Around these parts it is a college staple…

Is anyone really interested in the article of how it “appears” that Tom Cruise “may be” wearing specially made shoes that “could possibly” add an inch to his height? This is an actual article! Since when did speculation from a photo become news?

I am also appalled that Star sees it fit to print photos of Lindsey Lohan and another woman which were taken from lord knows how far away (they are blurry from being blown up far beyond what they should be… and with those telescoping lenses someone worked really hard to invade this young woman’s privacy) in order to show that their assumptions regarding her sexuality are more than likely true. Is it really a big deal what her sexuality is anyway? The article and pictures seem ruthless and cruel to me…

To be fair, there are some movie and television reviews that aren’t half bad. They also have shopping and beauty tips that are adequate to good… but not anything that I couldn’t read in a better quality magazine.

Overall this “magazine” is trashy and certainly not worth the life of a tree.

Do our country a favor… save a tree and put a paparazzo out of work… Don’t buy Star!