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Kill Germs

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Pine-Sol is one of those cleaners I grew up with. Whenever I smell this pine scent, I know the area I am in has been disinfected and cleaned very well.

I use Pine-Sol in the bathroom mostly because of the strong scent and germs it kills. I don't like using it in the kitchen for this same reason, but I have. I just prefer to not have this strong scent around when I'm cooking meals. And since my mother always used it in the bathroom, it actually reminds me of that area. I know that may seem odd.

Pine-Sol can be used to wash the floors by diluting it in a bucket or pail of water. The only thing about using it on floors is that you have to make sure to wash the floor well enough or when you walk on it, it will attract dirt. The instructions say there is no need to rinse, but I found otherwise.

But using Pine-Sol to clean sinks, showers, toilets and counter tops will kill all sorts of germs. If allowed to sit on a surface for 10 minutes and then wiped off, you can rid an area of even athlete's foot fungus. It is great on grease and dirt stains too.

Unlike cleaners that have bleach, it doesn't require ventilating the area for cleaning, but because of its strong scent you may want to open a window, if you are able to.

In today's world of being cautious of spreading germs, I'd recommend keeping a bottle nearby and sometimes when an area smells clean, you can know with Pine-Sol it's really clean and disinfected.