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Kill Phil

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Kill Phil is a book written by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson designed to teach a "cookie-cutter" no limit hold'em tournament strategy to inexperienced players.

The title Kill Phil is intended to be a play on Kill Bill as well as refer to the various famous Phils in the poker tournament world such as Phil Ivey, Phil Gordon, and Phil Hellmuth, whose picture is on the cover. Hellmuth also wrote the foreward for the book.

Several levels of strategy are presented in the text. The most basic, and least effective, may take less than a few hours to commit to memory, while the more complicated ones can take lots of practice. The book is not designed to help you become a better poker player as a while or in the long term, it's mostly designed to make you do better if you've never played before.

Much of the strategy in the book involves in just going all in preflop with certain stack sizes, cards, and position. When you do this you put your opponent to a decision that is more difficult than normal. They cannot play back at you. While a good player might be able to maximize profits by raising instead of going all in, the going all in strategy can often be mathematically unexploitable (that is, in the long run if you do it in certain situations, regardless of the cards your opponent has, you will make a profit).

The book is looked down upon by serious poker players, who prefer to play a normal, balanced game, be it loose or tight. You won't become a professional player if you just utilize the strategies in Kill Phil, but it will definitely help you beat local tournaments if you have no experience, so for beginners and casual players it is worth looking at.