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Kill The Queen, Kill Them All

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By lynnemg on
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I used to have a big ant problem around my house. Every time I turned around, I would see more and more ants all over my house. Looking for a good product that would actually kill them and last the entire season, I asked my Mom what she uses. She is the one that recommended this product to me.

Terro Ant Killing Gel comes in two varieties. The first is a bottle of liquid that you apply to a small piece of cardboard and set out for the ants to find, the second, and one I prefer comes in its own container that you simply cut open and set out. Both are very effective, however; having children around my house, I prefer the more contained version.

With this product, you can expect to see an increase in the number of ants in your home, going for the bait for about a week. After that, they quickly diminish. The effectiveness is very fast and long lasting.

This is a product that attracts ants because of its sugary type of mixture. The ants take it back to the nest, where the queen eats it, and eventually, all of the ants die. It is very simple to use and does not have the pesticide smell that most ant killers do.

It is a poison, however; and should never be placed where children or animals could easily get into it. I have always put it behind my trash can, under my kitchen sink, and in the bathroom. This year, I also put some in my laundry room. The key to its success is to place the bait where you have already spooted ant activity.

I would definately recommend this product for the fast, effective, and lasting way it gets rid of pesky ants.