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Kills All Known Germs Dead!Domestos.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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The Domestos trade name is actually a Unilever product, and if you require any information about Domestos, it will either be on their website.

Domestos was first sold in the UK in 1929, In those days there was only one type of Domestos and it was sold by a man on a tricycle called Wilf Handley, (No idea what he was called! :) Anyway, he had a stoneware jar mounted on the front of his trike, and went from door to door selling Domestos to customers. Nowadays, Domestos thick bleach comes in a range of smells & bottles designed for your convenience. In the '60's, bottles were changed from Stoneware to Glass.

The modern plastic bottles now incorporate a Safety top, although obviously you keep away from kids anyway. These tops can be a little annoying, and are not that easy to open.

The Bottles can be recycled, as can most plastic, but how many of us actually do it?

Less than one Pound Sterling for the small 750ml bottles, the two litre bottles take up a lot of room but are only £2 or less.

Well, this company no longer uses the slogan "Kills all Germs - DEAD", although if you check their website, you will find just what the bleach does kill, and the list is impressive.

Domestos is what you may call a Household name, it must have been used in every household at some time, I can recommend it without question. It is one of those products which is that versatile, I don't see how you can do without it. The only possible alternative is to go for a cheaper bleach, which is basically a thinner version of Domestos, so you will use more, making it not as cost-effective as you first thought. The main ingredient, is Sodium Hypochlorite, and you just need between 3 & 6% in water, to provide a mixture that will clean, and sterilise surfaces. Actually it also contains non-iconic surfactants, soap, perfume plus limonene.

Many years ago, I had an old car, and the windscreen washer bottle leaked, yes, you guessed it, I replaced it with a sturdy blue plastic Domestos one! This bottle was bigger and better than the one originally fitted, and was still there in perfect condition many years later, when I spotted it in my local scrapyard!

There is nothing to fear from Domestos, but please read the instructions on the bottles, and wash hands after handling. Oh, and of course, do what you do when hung over - Keep away from kids!