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Kills Bugs Dead

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By ladychai on
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S.C. Johnson, I believe, have monopolized the insecticides industry hahaha....

Yes Raid, like baygon, is a S.C. Johnson product. For this reason, I decided to test out Raid to compare with it's supposedly competitor Baygon.

I have checked the internet regarding comparison between two products however I have come to a conclusion that they have the same effectiveness because most of the sentences would say Raid or Baygon nothing that was said that Baygon is better than raid and only one that said Raid is better than Baygon but the sentence has a "supposedly" in it. "Raid is supposedly better than Baygon" that's what it said, there is no evidence that it was because the commentor have not tried it yet. This is why I had to test both products so that I can have my own experience to say.

For one thing Baygon has the usual green packaging, it has been their sort of signature and even if other colors are introduced you will always find a hint of green in it while Raid comes in different colors, one for each type I believe. It is said that S.C. Johnson have invested a lot for Raid's adverts. Why? The most popular products when it comes to insecticides came from them anyways.

Then it hit me, the other difference between two products are the prices. When I checked the grocery for insecticides, Raid and Baygon are piled side by side and it has been determined that Raid is relatively cheaper compared to Baygon but that difference is just a few centavos.

Hmmm... I do like the idea about different colors though, nice marketing strategy.